Case Study: Sports Brand



  • Client with a large catalog of sporting apparel products looking to increase results with existing product while increasing sku count
  • Current Amazon sponsored advertising system was a mess and wildly inefficient
  • No TOS approved process for launching new products
  • Many product listings did not have acceptable conversion rates


GlobalAMZ’s Role

We worked with the client on a bi-weekly basis, focused on optimizing existing companies systems and processes to scale up advertising, boost product rankings and organic sales volume. Through our proven systems we were able to deliver massive results for client, despite several issues with products to push revenue and profits and prep and launch several new product lines.


This Processes Included:

  • Revamping entire advertising strategy
  • Starting the client on AMS ads
  • Optimizing existing product listings and SEO
  • Creating custom systems for managing and growing business
  • Training team to grow employee base and offload responsibilities
  • Analysis on existing and future products lines with profit focused recommendations.



The Results:

  • 321% increase in sales between Jan 2016 and July 2016.
  • 290% increase in sales over same period last year
  • 2 new parent SKUs successfully launched per month

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