Who We Are – How We Help Sellers

We’re Amazon sellers and consultants that saw huge success bringing brands over to Europe despite the massive challenges. GlobalAMZ is designed to help consumer brands expand internationally (not only Europe) on Amazon without the struggles of building teams, understanding markets or managing sales. We do the marketing and sales, you take your brand up a notch in profit, sales and prestige.
We have local teams, with local staff for every singel Amazon market to provide the best possible service to our customers. Our goal is to Skyrocket your Amazon business.

Meet the founders

Gregor Leopold

Gregor’s a badass Amazon consultant with expertise in selling massive volumes in Europe. His super German efficiency and years of experience helping some of the top brands sell on Amazon helps Gregor lead a team of Amazon specialists with one goal in mind, grow your business.

He knows the Amazon game inside and out and loves helping brands maximize European sales, often outperforming the US.

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