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GlobalAMZ Helps Consumer Brands Sell Internationally on Amazon – And Make More Money

Proven Team

With over 100 product launches and 25 million in Amazon sales for our clients in Europe alone, your company is in good hands.

UK? Germany? Pan-EU? Not a problem. Our local market experts know Amazon inside and out and will quickly prep your brand to push sales on Amazon. And we know the ins and outs of your legal process too!

Amazon Focus

GlobalAMZ helps brands on Amazon ONLY. The sales channel is HUGE and we are hyperfocused to maximize your company’s ROI.

From private labelers to big box brands, we’ve helped dozens of companies see major sales volume and growth in Europe, the US and beyond.

Local Expertise

Sales and customer service requires an understanding of culture. Our global, experienced team consists of native, resident European and American salesmen and customer service reps to craft a perfect sales experience for your customers. No more poor translations and pathetic listing services – do the job right!

Plus we know all the regulations concerning commerce in Europe and worldwide to help fast track your business.

Selling ONLY in English countries is

Last Year for example Amazon Europe Had €27+ BILLION in Sales – Get In On the Action!

Most brands sell only in the US… or just the UK. That is dumb. Companies earn millions selling globally on Amazon. GlobalAMZ is as global our name say and we help brands do the same.

You don’t need language skills, country reps or a huge team – just THE RIGHT strategic partners to maximize your returns. Save time and money with the right team, tools and experitise to build your business bigger. Stick to what you are good and and we will do the same.

We are experts in selling on Amazon. Let us setup and run your Amazon operations, Europe, the US, Japan… it doesn’t matter. Our global team of Amazon experts covers all the bases and marketplaces to help your brand scale.

What some of our customers say

“Increasing our companies revenue by 30% in just 60 days”

Working with GlobalAMZ has meant one thing… Me taking massive action to achieve my goals. They provided me with a practical strategy that has already supported me in increasing our companies revenue by 30% in just 60 days. It’s not always easy, but following proven methodology for building and scaling physical products brands has been a simple and straight forward process that I wouldn’t have been able to do without his mentorship.

– Josh Barad (Amazon Seller)


“I would be 100% confident turning over our Amazon operations to GlobalAMZ team”

I’ve known the guys for quite a while through FBA ALLSTARS and have never been anything but impressed with his Amazon knowledge and expertise. If I hadn’t already built a solid team, I would be 100% confident turning over our Amazon operations to GlobalAMZ team. He is incredibly smart and driven and always looking to learn and grow – which is great for any brand looking to go big on Amazon.

– Greg Mercer (Jungle Scout)
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